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Permaculture Desing Certificate


What makes this PDC different?

In addition to the standard PDC curriculum you will benefit from our five years' experience of implementing permaculture designs in Palestine, that empower families and communities to access vital natural resources in a hot dry climate and in the face of military obstruction and persecution.

Over three weeks we will explore the permaculture design methodology and its application and potential to provide effective immediate relief and longterm socialand environmental regeneration. Living on the Bustan Qaraaqa Permaculture Farm, Bethlehem, students will gain hands-on experience of system design, implementation and maintenance. Students will also have the opportunity to see permaculture in action throughout the diverse communities of the West Bank, together with local farmers, in the refugee camps and amongst the Bedouin tribes, as Bustan Qaraaqa promotes and implements permaculture solutions for access to water, food production, energy generation as well as strengthening communities and protecting the environment.

The following topics will receive special emphasis in class and on the field trips:
Conflict resolution
Politics of the environment
Ecological farming
Rainwater harvesting and conservation
Dry land farming
Low Tech - Low Cost solutions
Ancient agricultural systems the Near East including: Roman, Byzantine, Nabatean and Arab innovations
Natural and ecological building
Cultivation and uses of wild trees of Palestine.


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